Sep 28th Cloud Platform Upgrade – 29th Sep

Dear Customer, Our Cloud Vendor OnAPP will be completing a final round of platform upgrades to our cloud service at 5:00 AM on the 29th September 2015 to 6:00 AM on the 29th September 2015 The upgrade will conclude a round of several upgrades which have taken place over the last two weeks to ensure that our cloud platform leverages the latest ... Read More »

Aug 9th Webmail Address Changed

Dear Customers,Hope you are doing well.The base URL for webmail has been changed!If you are using your email addresses via from now the base is changed to  or simply can add ":2095" or "/Webmail" at the end of your domain to access your webmail.For example:If my domain name is ... Read More »

Aug 6th IMPORTANT: Migration Completed

Dear Customers,We have successfully completed the server migration and all your hosting accounts has been set to unlimited.You no longer need to watch out your disk space, email accounts, etc. There's no additional charges for this change and your recurring payment will same as the previous ones.Please make sure you read the update of our Terms ... Read More »

Aug 3rd Good News - Unlimited Disk Space for Everyone!

Dear Customers,We hope you are doing great.We are glad to announce that we are migrating our servers to a bigger, Bigger, BIGGER hard-drives and there are no longer any limit for our clients.Even those who purchased limited disk-space, will be migrated to our new UNLIMITED package at no cost and recurring payment will remain as their previous ... Read More »

Jul 8th Daily Backup is Now a Premium Service

Dear Customer,We Hope you are doing great and passing a fantastic Ramadan.We are sadly writing to you to let you know that the Daily Backup Services are now Premium.Due the high volume of data usage and the expenses of servers, we are no longer providing free daily backups.So Now What?From now on, any data that is stored on your disk space on our ... Read More »